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Fat Transfer and Injections in Palm Desert, CA

With fat transfer and injections, patients can use unwanted body fat to augment other areas of the body and achieve incredibly natural-looking results. Eko Plastic Surgery is proud to offer this treatment to the residents of Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, CA and surrounding areas.

What Are Fat Transfer and Injections?

Fat transfer and injections, also called fat grafting, is a procedure that redistributes unwanted body fat removed via liposuction to another area of the body. By placing the removed fat in another area, such as the buttocks or the face, patients can enjoy natural enhancement that produces a more youthful or contoured appearance. This is a key technique in the Brazilian butt lift procedure, but many patients also use this treatment to restore facial or hand volume and diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

How Much Do Fat Transfer and Injections Cost?

The cost of your fat transfer and injection treatment at Eko Plastic Surgery will vary depending on the treatment plan that we develop for you. During your consultation, we will discuss your cosmetic goals and treatment needs in order to determine the treatment approach that will be ideal for you. For this reason, we will not be able to provide you with the cost of your treatment until you have the chance to come in and discuss your treatment goals with Dr. Eko.

What is Fat Transfer and Injection Treatment Like?

The first step in a fat transfer treatment is collecting unwanted body fat via liposuction. Patients often choose to remove fat from the abdomen, hips, or legs to contour their figure in the process. Once fat is removed from the body, it is purified in a centrifuge to remove impurities. Then, the purified fat is injected into the desired treatment area. The length of this process, as well as the types of anesthetic used, will vary depending on the location and extent of treatment.

What is Recovery Like After Fat Transfer and Injections?

The recovery after your fat transfer and injection treatment will depend on several variables, including:

  • The location where fat was harvested from
  • The location where fat was transferred to
  • The amount of fat transferred

During your initial consultation, Dr. Eko will be provide you with specific instructions and let you know what you can expect from your recovery. Generally, most patients have to take a few days off of work and other activities to rest and recover from treatment.

When Will I Notice Results from My Fat Transfer and Injections?

After the fat transfer and injection process, the areas where fat is injected will appear swollen and overly augmented. The full results are typically visible about three months after treatment. Typically, some of the injected fat absorbs back into the body within a few months. To compensate for this, Dr. Eko will strategically inject extra fat into the treatment areas, ensuring that you achieve optimal results.

How Long Do the Results from a Fat Transfer and Injection Last?

Unlike dermal fillers and injectables that are broken down by the body, transferred body fat becomes permanent after injection. Although it can still change gradually due to the natural aging process, patients can enjoy long-lasting results from their fat transfer and injection treatment.

To learn more about the fat grafting procedure or to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Eko, contact us today. At Eko Plastic Surgery, we are proud to serve the residents of Palm Springs, Palm Desert and Rancho Mirage, CA.