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Body & Thigh Lift in Palm Desert, CA

Whether you have developed loose, sagging skin due to weight loss or the natural aging process, a body and thigh lift can help you regain a firm, sculpted figure. Eko Plastic Surgery offers this and other body sculpting procedures to the residents of Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, CA and surrounding areas.

What is a Body and Thigh Lift?

Body and thigh lifts are comprehensive body sculpting techniques that eliminate stubborn fat and excess skin to enhance the contours of the body. A thigh lift improves the appearance of the inner and outer thighs by reducing excess skin and fat to make skin on the upper leg smoother and make the leg more contoured. A body lift addresses multiple parts of the body to produce more dramatic results. These techniques can be performed as an inner thigh lift, outer thigh lift, upper body lift, or lower body lift. In some cases, patients may choose to combine liposuction with their body or thigh lift procedure to enhance achieve more significant results.

How Much Does a Body and Thigh Lift Cost?

The cost of your body and thigh lift procedure at Eko Plastic Surgery will vary depending on the treatment plan that we develop for you. During your consultation, we will discuss your cosmetic goals and treatment needs in order to determine the treatment approach that will be ideal for you. For this reason, we will not be able to provide you with the cost of your treatment until you have the chance to come in and discuss your treatment goals with Dr. Eko.

How to Get a Thigh Gap

The thigh gap is a highly sought-after cosmetic trait. People with a thigh gap have a small gap of space between the thighs when the legs are together. For some, strict diet and exercise can create a thigh gap. Unfortunately, a thigh gap is often difficult to obtain. If you are interested in achieving a thigh gap, you may be able to achieve one with an inner thigh lift at Eko Plastic Surgery.

What is the Difference Between Inner and Outer Thigh Lifts?

Inner and outer thigh lifts are two different approaches to the thigh lift procedure, which can be performed together or individually. An inner thigh lift targets the inside of the leg. This is often ideal for patients who experience discomfort due to the legs rubbing together, or for patients who desire a thigh gap. An outer thigh lift targets the outside of the legs and the lower hips. This is often ideal for patients who are pursuing a thigh lift treatment to enhance their figure.

What is the Difference Between an Upper and Lower Body Lift?

Upper and lower body lifts are two different approaches to the body lift procedure, which can be performed together or individually. An upper body lift targets the arms, chest, and upper back. A lower body lift targets the abdomen, lower back, thighs, and buttocks. Both procedures eliminate stubborn fat and excess skin to create a more contoured figure.

What is the Body and Thigh Procedure Like?

Generally, the body and thigh lift procedure is performed under general anesthesia and on an outpatient basis. During the procedure, the incisions that Dr. Eko makes will depend on the type of body lift procedure you are receiving and the extent of surgery necessary to produce your desired results. In all cases, we strive to use incisions that are as small and discreet as possible in order to reduce the recovery period and minimize scarring. Given that a body lift often addresses multiple areas in a single treatment, the procedure can take several hours to perform.

What is the Recovery Like After a Thigh and Body Lift?

After a body or thigh lift, there is an initial recovery period of at least two weeks. During this time, patients will need to take time off of work and other activities in order to ensure a smooth recovery. You can expect swelling, bruising, and varying discomfort during this time. It will be important for you to avoid any strenuous activities such as exercise for at least a month after your surgery.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect from a Body and Thigh Lift?

The results from your body and thigh will be visible immediately, although you may not be able to notice the full results of treatment until swelling and other side effects begin to fade. The results from body and thigh lifts are permanent, but they will still be susceptible to weight gain and the natural aging process.

To learn more about the body and thigh lift procedures or to schedule your initial consultation, contact us today. At Eko Plastic Surgery, we welcome patients from Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs, and the neighboring cities of California.