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Post-Weight-Loss Procedures

After significant weight loss, the numbers on the scale may be lower, but sagging skin on the body does not show off the effects of your hard work. Excess skin that formerly stretched around the abdomen, extremities, and face often does not have the elasticity to fit the new figure after gastric bypass surgery or other weight loss initiatives.

The only way to achieve body contouring after massive weight loss is through plastic surgery to remove extra skin left behind. By tightening or removing skin, removing stubborn fat deposits, and lifting sagging body parts, a patient will be more comfortable enjoying activities and be able to find better fitting clothes.

Surgery after weight loss is often a combination of surgeries that might include a tummy tuck to tighten the abdomen; a panniculectomy to remove hanging skin from below the belly button; a body lift to raise the thighs and buttocks; a thigh lift; breast procedures including a lift, augmentation, or reduction; and face and neck surgeries. By entrusting post-weight loss surgery to an experienced, board-certified professional like Dr. Eko, you will receive excellent recommendations about which procedures to pursue and where to start. Often surgeries to lift the upper or lower body are done the same time.

If you have lost weight and want to take the next step to perfecting your body by removing excess fat and skin, Dr. Eko can help you. Please contact us for consultation by filling out the website form below or by calling us at (760) 249-2222.

Before and After Gallery

Click on a patient to view photos taken before and after their Post-Weight-Loss Procedures. Viewer discretion is advised.