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Breast Augmentation + Lift

When breasts sag after pregnancy and nursing, weight changes, or even due to gravity and aging, many women turn to a breast lift to restore the perkiness of their breasts. If the breasts have also lost volume, this procedure is often combined with breast implants to create a finished product that is full and firm, while resting higher.

Dr. Eko, a board-certified plastic surgeon at Eko Plastic Surgery, helps patients determine whether they need one procedure or both to achieve their goal of more youthful breasts. To test for breast drooping, he uses the pencil test: If a woman puts a pencil under the breast and the pencil stays in place while the nipple falls below the pencil, there is significant evidence of drooping that could benefit from a lift.

While the lifting procedure changes the position of the breasts, the amount of remaining breast tissue might make the results smaller than desired. In this case, adding implants is the best way to achieve fullness along with better positioning. As with an augmentation on its own, you can choose silicone or saline implants, and may even have the opportunity to try the new “Gummy Bear” silicone product that is currently undergoing FDA testing.

When you come to Dr. Eko for consultation, he will discuss your best surgical options for obtaining the breasts you want and show you computer simulations of likely results of one or both surgeries. For more information on breast augmentation and lift or to schedule a consultation, please fill out the website form below or call us today at (760) 460-4471.

Before and After Gallery

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